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the relationship of the long axis of the fetus to that of the mother; see also presentation.
longitudinal lie a situation in which the long axis of the fetus is parallel to that of the mother; in presentation, either the head or breech presents first.
oblique lie a situation in which the long axis of the fetal body crosses that of the maternal body at an angle close to 45 degrees; in presentation, the shoulder usually presents first, but the arm or part of the trunk may also come first.
transverse lie a situation in which the long axis of the fetus is transverse to that of the mother; see illustration.
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Relationship of the long axis of the fetus to that of the mother. Compare: fetal habitus.
Synonym(s): fetal attitude
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Relationship of the long axis of the fetus to that of the mother.
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The position or attitude of the fetus in the womb in relation to the long axis of the mother's body. Lie may be longitudinal (normal) or transverse.
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A. Dear Saloni. I wish you had not got into this situation. Extreme desperation is filling you with a very foolish hope. If you had your head together then you'd know damn well that this guy is a scumbag unworthy of your time. This guy already has two women too many, while on the other side of town there are good men who are all alone. Get away from him now!

Q. If the lie is our truth & living the truth feels fake & unreal how do we persevere to the needed chang there's the real me, good & underdeveloped. there is the worldly me, challenged as all of us probably are. there is the addict me, afflicted half or more of my life, developed & strong. two out of three are tough odds to deal with...

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good luck.

Q. Having chronic headaches, start in base of neck and progresses to migraine, worse when lying on stomach. Why? I have been having chronic headaches for the past 2 weeks. They start in the base of my neck and become migraines. They intensify when I lay on my stomach, blood rushes and they throb. Sometimes I can give myself relief by pressing firmly on my head or keeping my neck in a certain position. Just wondering if anyone knows what might be causing them.

A. Pinched nerve, bad posture is my problem anyway. I have a pinched nerve in my neck and my posture is horrible which causes me to get the worst headaches and they always start at the base of the neck and I always thought I had great posture (set up straight and all), but I was soooo wrong. Check with a Doctor and seek help from a Chiropractor if possible. They can do wonders. But for now, try lying on your back with a pillow or towel rolled up and placed under your neck only. It will support your neck and give it a nice crack too that helps a good deal too. That also helps keep the headaches away. Do you get sick to your stomach when the headaches come on?

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Shakespeare disabuses us of the godliness of rightful rulers by portraying his duke as a prevaricator and schemer, not a Solomon or Christ, as the Duke deludes other characters into believing.
(33.) Frankfurter, from whose correspondence with Hand and others Gunther quotes liberally, is cast in very poor light as a lifelong prevaricator. Whether this is a fair or even an intended view, I am not in a position to say.
My college professor introduced us to the art and science of statistics by conjugating the common word for prevaricator: "There are," he proclaimed, "liars, damned liars, and in the superlative, they are statisticians."
A Jesuit or Jesuitical person came to connote a deceiver or prevaricator.
'In a short span of time Raja Farooq Haider stands fully exposed as an equivocator and prevaricator,' he said.
Admitting Melville's considerable debt to Balzac at this stage of his career does not lessen his "Americanness" or his genius; nor does it make Melville appear to be a prevaricator, even if he had warned his countrymen not to write like "a Frenchman" (1987, 248).
Tax cuts, the environment, Social Security, stem-cell research, homeland security--on almost every issue confronting us, Bush has been a prevaricator.
Lies from big media anchors or lies from a prevaricator in chief are still lies.
Tariq Aziz, the instinctive prevaricator? Any of the opposition in exile?
He handed the Republicans the material they needed to depict him as a shifty prevaricator. His campaign apparatus was weak--led for a while by a lobbyist mired in ethics troubles and loaded with corporate consultants who were not believable as foot soldiers in a supposed crusade against the powerful.
The Republicans have been hoping that an uneasy America would turn away from the youthful prevaricator in the White House and seek the reassuring embrace of a loving, familiar grandfather; instead, they offered up someone who looks a lot more like your step-uncle Arnie, eager to wash your mouth out with soap if you do any cussing or stay out too late.