prevailing fee

prevailing fee,

n the term used by some dental benefits organizations to refer to the fee most commonly charged for a dental service in a given area.
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The customary and prevailing fee amounts are subject to a variety of constraints and inventives such as:
For some services, the Medicare allowed charge was not equal to the billed amount, customary fee, or prevailing fee.
For certain physician services, carriers were unable to establish a customary or prevailing fee.
Lower prevailing fees for non-participating (NON-PAR) physicians.
The lower prevailing fees for NON-PAR physicians (96 percent in 1987, 95.
5 percent of the prevailing fees for PARs, down from 96 percent in FSY 1987.
The amount of revenue derived will depend on traffic to each Featured Finder's page and prevailing fee amounts paid by Google Adsense.
American Dental Centers offers dental plan membership that entitles individuals to preventive dental care at no cost, while corrective services are available to members at fees which are far below the prevailing fee schedule.
com provides Benedent members with access to information on over 100,000 dentists certified by Dentistat, prevailing fees for dental procedures in their geographic area as well as answers to their treatment questions from a panel of dentists.