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1. A priming treatment given before the main course of therapy or the main chemical modification of a substance.
2. Before therapy.

wastewater pretreatment

In environmental practice, acting to attempt to eliminate, reduce, or alter polluted water after it enters the water treatment works.


n the protocols required before beginning therapy, usually of a diagnostic nature; before treatment.
pretreatment estimate,
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The acquisition will enhance PPG's pretreatment presence and capabilities in Canada, and after closing the acquired products and services will be offered under the PPG name.
The primary endpoint, number of cumulus-oocyte complexes (COCs) retrieved, was not significantly different with testosterone gel 10 mg applied to the thigh for 21 days before ovarian stimulation versus no pretreatment (median, 3.
The pretreatment program staff of the Attleboro facility, led by Aaron Dumont, Pretreatment Coordinator, and John Reed, Assistant Pretreatment Coordinator, was recognized by EPA's New England Office for exceptional work in inspecting, permitting and sampling its industrial users that discharge industrial waste into the City s collection system.
Another product that excited interest was the Versabond pretreatment system.
12] studied effect of acidic pretreatment with different concentrations and different temperatures on coconut husk, and found that effectiveness of delignification temperature variation has greater influence than the acid concentration.
Levy, a social worker who works with homeless individuals and has helped to develop housing programs, draws on his experiences with Homeless Outreach and Housing First to present a pretreatment guide to helping couples, youth, and single adults experiencing long-term homelessness.
Kevin Brooks, PPG Aerospace global segment manager for original-equipment coatings, noted that airlines are also requesting the primer with a non-chromated pretreatment for Boeing 767 and 777 widebodies.
Demonstrating our high-yield pretreatment process is a key milestone for Cobalt as we prove that our n-butanol technology will efficiently work at commercial scale and at an attractive low cost," said Bob Mayer, CEO of Cobalt Technologies.
Pretreatment with UF allows for higher RO fluxes and has a positive impact on all vital aspects of a SWRO plant - ranging from a consistent quality of the RO feed water to a significantly smaller plant design, a better performance and a reduced CAPEX.
Pretreatment as a clinical concept is a natural offshoot of the Transtheoretical Model of Change's first three stages.
More so, the combination of these pretreatment methods may pose a different result on the rate of moisture removal on fruit like pineapple.
It might be impractical to perform pretreatment fMRIs on each of the estimated 13-14 million American adults affected by major depressive disorder each year, but pupillometry might be a low-cost potential alternative.