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1. Relating to or designed for children especially between the ages of 10 and 12.
2. Being a child especially between the ages of 10 and 12; preadolescent.
A preteen boy or girl.
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Shaped by leading experts in adolescent development and current research on how to positively impact girls' self-esteem, the award-winning Beacon Street Girls book series is committed to the health and well-being of preteen girls.
But the end result is mixed-up preteens dressed as hottie totties roaming the dark streets on Halloween night asking strangers for candy.
Collectively, teens and preteens are spending $884 million of their own money in back-to-school shopping this year.
The preteen campers have been at the playhouse from 8 a.
In the clinic, you usually see the panicky mother with her preteen or teenage daughter.
But Kim went way, way back to embarrassing preteen years.
Groups available to Facebook users uncovered by the website included, Kidsex Young, Preteen Lesbians, 10-17 Teen Bisexual, PTHC (or preteen hard-core pornography), 12 to 13 Boy Sex, Young Gay Pics and Movie Trade, Gangbanging, Teen Sex, Love Little Kids, Incest Forever, Menfor Babygirls, Sex Little Girls and Nude Teens.
Although 55% of preteen patients had at least one vaccination visit at ages 1112 years, 19.
Earlier this year the preteen beauty care market got a boost when Pacific World Corp.
The Adventures of Johnny Saturday" addresses preteen issues of self-esteem development and enhancement and other appropriate issues.
In What Every Preteen, Teenager and Young Adult Needs To Know To Avoid Credit Card Debt, retired teachers Deanna Schwartzman and Deanna Suckow present lessons reflecting their more than 50 years in the classroom with both regular and special education students.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Substance-dependent young people who started smoking marijuana in their preteen years entered treatment with greater impairments than did those who started using marijuana as teenagers in a study of 136 patients in residential treatment.