pretectal nuclei

pre·tec·tal nu·cle·i

group of cells, constituting several subnuclei, located rostral to the superior colliculus in the "pretectal" area; these cells receive input from retinal ganglion cells (via the optic tract) and project bilaterally to the Edinger-Westphal nucleus; they serve as a relay center for the pupillary light reflex pathway. The group consists of the nucleus pretectalis anterior [TA] (anterior pretectal nucleus [TA]), nucleus pretectalis olivaris [TA] (olivary pretectal nucleus [TA]), and nucleus pretectalis posterior [TA] (posterior pretectal nucleus [TA]). The nucleus tractus optici [TA] (nucleus of optic tract) is also usually grouped as one of the pretectal nuclei.
Synonym(s): nuclei pretectales [TA]
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Some nerves leaving the eye do not synapse in the lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN) but travel on to the superior colliculus and pretectal nuclei. This pathway impacts on pupil function as well as sending fibres to the pulvinar (posterior thalamus) where it is relayed to the parietal cortex, bypassing the occipital cortex.