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Secondary prevention refers to the detection and management of presymptomatic disease, and the prevention of its progression to symptomatic disease.
Treatment is more effective for presymptomatic disease, with an estimated 40% reduced mortality with early diagnosis.
There are risks inherent in Alzheimer's treatments, so we have to be careful that healthy people who are selected to receive these treatments to prevent dementia caused by Alzheimer's disease really do have presymptomatic disease," he noted.
The sections on risk assessment and early detection research will include work in presymptomatic disease to prevent the clinical consequences of cancer.
Giles, UK) display at RSNA 2005 featured technologies designed to "enable an 'early health' model of care in the future, focused on earlier diagnosis, presymptomatic disease detection, and disease prevention.
Other genetic tests detect presymptomatic disease, a condition that is already present but whose symptoms have not yet developed.
Society will have to address at least three major areas of concern soon: presymptomatic disease screening and testing of adults, children (including neonates), and fetuses.