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Shen, "The Riemann problem for the pressureless Euler system with the Coulomb-like friction term," IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics, vol.
In Bigg's work [8] where pressureless sintering was used, the difficulty was in removing the grain boundaries, which were persistent even after hours of atmospheric pressure sintering.
Effect of additives on the pressureless sintering of aluminium nitride between 1500-1800'C.
Densification studies of Normal pressureless sintered and Microwave sintered has been carried out and the details of densification results are listed in Table1.
Prosser can envisage not getting into the B&H or the English - or the PGA Championship - next season and so, contrary to his hopes of enjoying pressureless golf this summer, a certain urgency will be required.
Ever since Cleveland Range first introduced their popular pressureless Convection Steamer, steam cooking has been one of the most preferred ways to cook seafood, poultry, vegetables, rice, pasta and a host of other entrees and side dishes in every type of foodservice operation.
Another large piece of equipment is a pressureless steamer, which serves two purposes.
Pressureless Combiners/Inliners provide stable single filing of round, non-round and unstable containers without delays due to jams.
* The APS Pressureless Combiner Model CBR-PLS, from Automated Production Systems Corp., offers the reliability, quality and efficiency required to run various sizes and shapes of containers.
Booth N-3248 - Company's Pressureless Combiners/Inliners provide stable single filling of round, non-round and unstable containers without delays due to jams.
Consequently, given also a high melting point of (3225 [+ or -] 20) [degrees]C [19-21], pressureless sintering of [TiB.sub.2] requires a relatively high sintering temperature, on the order of 2000 [degrees]C.
Around that time, researchers demonstrated that silicon nitride and silicon carbide could be densified by pressureless sintering if the starting powder was of very small particle size.