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The process of fusing one metal to another using combustible gas, covered electrode arcs, and gas-shielded arcs; welding exposes welders to gases, metal fumes, and toxins, and increases risk of lung cancer and mesothelioma


n a process used to join metals.
welding, arc and gas,
n See welding, fusion.
welding, cold,
n the property of welding at room temperature when clean surfaces are pressed into contact. This property is exhibited to the highest degree by gold in the form of foil or crystals.
welding, fusion,
n a process in which parts are melted and fused together. Also called
arc and gas welding.
welding, pressure,
n a welding process in which the parts are not melted, although heat is usually required. Recrystallization across the interface occurs. Gold foil is welded by pressure without temperature elevation. Also called
resistance welding and
spot welding.
welding property,
n the characteristic of certain materials, especially metals, to firmly unite together when subjected to heat or pressure in a suitable environment.
welding, resistance,
n See welding, pressure.
welding, spot,
n See welding, pressure.
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We suggest a simply method for the manufacturing of the spot welding electrodes (valid for the rolls used in electric roll welding, racks of the pressure welding machines) based on the cladding by M.
In order to experiment the obtained coated electrodes and to determine their compatibility with the welding of the copper and its alloys and to establish the new manufacturing technologies of the contact electrodes for electric spot pressure welding, it was cladded by welding several samples, which were then examined on a micro and macro scale, as well as the hardness of the cladded layers, respectively electrical measurements (measuring of the resistivity).
Research works regarding the hardness increase of the active parts of the contact electrodes used for pressure welding.
BAMBENG is obtained by a simple chafing and pressure welding process, producing a semi-finished completely biological new component.
Anlagen/Antriebssysteme GmbH used "cold pressure welding," or

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