pressure transducer

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a device that translates one physical quantity to another, e.g., pressure or temperature, to an electrical signal.
neuroendocrine transducer a neuron, such as a neurohypophyseal neuron, that on stimulation secretes a hormone, thereby translating neural information into hormonal information.
pressure transducer an electronic device that converts pressure (such as blood pressure) into electrical signals that can be recorded graphically and monitored.
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When the extruder is teamed with a gear pump, it is very helpful when two pressure transducers are located downstream of the pump some distance apart.
More information about the PTM-1000[TM] pressure transducer module from ATS can be found on or by calling 781-769-2800.
* PT460XL enhanced pressure transducers with extra-thick sensing diaphragm for improved abrasion and corrosion resistance.
Also, the ARC 2020 calculates shear stress from the pressure transducer inserted into the barrel at a low position and from a load cell connected to the piston.
has announced the availability of its new P265 pressure transducer with a 303 stainless-steel housing.
Users of on-line rheometers can do a great deal to ensure reliable readings by heeding various suggestions regarding the metering pump, pressure transducer, air currents, and entrance effects.
The filtering system is said to be extremely efficient and is controlled by a pressure transducer which sets off an alarm when the filter becomes dirty.