pressure collapse

pres·sure col·lapse

pulmonary collapse due to external compression of the lung, as by a pleural effusion or pneumothorax.
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In addition, Parker's High Pressure Collapse Resistant (HCR) hose, specifically designed to serve the oil & gas market in subsea hydraulics, will also be on display.
Placing a product in a pressure cooker just after dispensing the glob top offers a dual benefit: The pressure collapses any voids, while the temperature accelerates the curing process.
Further pressure collapses neutrons to quark matter and heavy quark matter.
When the stator is de-energized, the spill valve is opened and the pressure collapses. This allows the nozzle to close, thus rapidly terminating injection.
Gating is problematic because filling with too much pressure collapses hollow polymer cores or distorts metal ones.