pressure bars

pressure bars,

n in manipulation therapy, a tool used by a practitioner to safeguard thumbs from an excessive amount of pressure and facilitate access to crevices that may be difficult to reach with thumbs alone.
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Pressure bars.
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is a manufacturer of Split Hopkinson Pressure Bars.
com)-- REL's latest system demonstrates that converting our Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar (Kolsky Bar) to an Impact Tester is a seamless transition.
Shaver, the former city councilor, proposes more aggressive tactics that might pressure bars and clubs to move out of the area.
Recent studies have shown how to minimize these issues by optimizing specimen geometry [8-11], through the use of low modulus pressure bars [12, 13] and by using lubricants effective over a wide range of temperatures.
1]) and temperature (-60 to +23[degrees]C), using a modified split-Hopkinson pressure bar (SHPB) [8-11].
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Two pressure bars apply clamping force to the moveable platen.
A pressure bar is just what it sounds like: a strip of metal with a gasket attached to it that is mechanically fastened though the layers to the structure, compressing a gasket to seal the reverse lap.