pressure area

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pres·sure a·re·a

(preshŭr arē-ă)
Mucosal region that is subjected to nonphysiologic pressure from a prosthesis.
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Also another low pressure area has developed over North Orissa (India) and adjoining areas.
The Low Pressure Area (LPA) that was affecting a part of the MIMAROPA region has dissipated.
We are closely monitoring the situation and do expect to observe low pressure areas on October 6." He advised members of the public to follow all weather bulletins coming from PACA's meteorology department.
Right now, over Egypt there are low pressure areas but we cannot tell if they will develop into a storm right away," the forecaster said.
By Monday, a weak high pressure area covers most of the subcontinent, running ahead of another prominent low pressure cell which will still be over the Atlantic by then.
Unfortunately, my two bed-bound patients in the other rooms were left wet with little pressure area care delivered for some time until I could get to them.
The effects of the low pressure area will continue throughout Saturday, Sunday and Monday, with snowfall expected in mountain areas above 900 meters.
Liquicell also increases the pressure area, but allows the tissues to move without shearing.
Rains will continue in most parts of Luzon on Thursday due to the monsoon being enhanced by the tropical storm and low pressure area.
The low pressure area (LPA), which was formerly tropical depression "Chedeng" has already left the Philippine area of responsibility on Thursday.
KARACHI -- In Arabian Sea, the area of intense convection has concentrated into a well-marked low pressure area in last 24 hours and now lies at a distance of about 1200km South-Southeast of Karachi.