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Preservation of historic buildings is important, but preservation of our constitutional rights is vital," said Barry W.
Landmark preservation is important, but we must ensure that our Constitution is not scrapped in the process.
When asked about asset preservation strategies, many Medicaid administrators go right to the statement of public policy contained in the Medicaid law, which states that the program is intended for "aged, blind, or disabled individuals, whose income and resources are insufficient to meet the costs of necessary medical services.
Paul Offner, who runs Medicaid in the District of Columbia, is even harsher, calling attorneys' asset preservation work "a relatively amoral activity" and characterizing their practices as "chicanery.
Preservation Sciences delivers timely, high-margin products that provide in-demand, environmentally-friendly solutions to a variety of tier one corporate clients.
Preservation Sciences is a next-generation environmental research and development company capitalizing on the world-wide demand of eco-friendly products and solutions.
In the tests, Preservation Science's patent-pending Canker Kill[TM] product was effective at killing 99.
Canker Kill[TM] is a natural, environmentally safe product developed by Preservation Sciences that treats citrus canker.
The company had focused on the industrial coatings industry, and is still committed to that segment, yet market demand caused by beverage companies wanting and needing to reformulate with the chemical preservatives--sodium benzoate or potassium benzoate--is beneficial to Preservation Sciences.
Natural Choice is a trademark of Preservation Sciences, Inc.
The event is held at the San Diego Convention Center, and Preservation Sciences has booth # 1725.