presenting symptom

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any indication of disease perceived by the patient.
cardinal s's
1. symptoms of greatest significance to the health care provider, establishing the identity of the illness.
2. the symptoms shown in the temperature, pulse, and respiration.
dissociation symptom anesthesia to pain and to heat and cold, without impairment of tactile sensibility.
objective symptom one perceptible to others than the patient, such as pallor, rapid pulse, rapid respiration, or restlessness.
presenting symptom the symptom or group of symptoms about which the patient complains or from which he seeks relief.
signal symptom a sensation, aura, or other subjective experience indicative of an impending epileptic or other seizure.
subjective symptom one perceptible only to the patient, such as pain, pruritus, or vertigo.
withdrawal s's withdrawal (def. 2).
symptom (omaha) in the omaha system, on the fourth level of the problem classification scheme, the subjective evidence of a client problem as reported by the client or by a significant other; this is closely related to the problem modifier actual. See also sign/symptom.
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pre·sent·ing symp·tom

the complaint offered by the patient as the main reason for seeking medical care; usually synonymous with chief complaint.
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pre·sent·ing symp·tom

(prĕ-zenting simptŏm)
Complaint offered by the patient as the main reason for seeking medical care; usually synonymous with chief complaint
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pre·sent·ing symp·tom

(prĕ-zenting simptŏm)
Complaint offered by patient as the main reason for seeking dental care; usually synonymous with chief complaint
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Misdiagnosis occurs when presenting symptoms are not recognized as PE-related, when they are vague and nonspecific, or because they are obscured by symptoms of other diseases (Fedullo & Tapson, 2003; Feied & Handler, 2004).
Most common presenting symptom was leukocoria, as173(58.64%) patients presented with white pupillary reflex that included 104(35.25%) patients with unilateral RB, 68(23.05%) patients with bilateral RB and 1 (0.34%) patient with trilateral RB.
[5] The clinical profile of dengue revealed that fever was the most common presenting symptom (100%).
Hoarseness is also a common presenting symptom of laryngeal carcinoma, and smokers with hoarseness are well-known candidates for laryngeal malignancy.
Fever was present as one of the presenting symptoms in all cases (100%, n=32).7 children (21.8%) had fever as the only presenting symptom.16 children (50%) had pallor recorded as additional symptom.5/16 of these children with pallor (31.25%) had documented moderate to severe anemia (Hb less than 7%) and 3/16(18.75%) required blood transfusions.
Regarding those with RCC: some of the patients characteristics are shown in Table-I The main presenting symptom was hematuria followed by loin pain and was incidental in 7 only Constitutional symptoms (Nausea weight loss malaise fatigue fever and night Sweating) in 6 patients and metastatic symptoms (bone Pain cough hemoptysis and shortness of breath) in 2 patients (4.5%) (Table-I).
Similarly, while a history of recent weight loss is considered a classic presenting symptom of type 1 diabetes, it's also present in about one-quarter of young people presenting with type 2 diabetes, Dr.
Fever was the commonest presenting symptom of TB in this group, being high grade ( greater than 38 oC) in 75% of patients followed by cough in 56% patients.
Researchers speculated that spontaneous smoking cessation might be a presenting symptom of lung cancer, possibly caused by tumor secretion of a substance interfering with nicotine addiction.
Hoarseness is the most common presenting symptom of laryngeal cancer.