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For a young girl that age to have the presence of mind and selflessness to say that is truly amazing.
The Cold War could have become nuclear Armageddon on September 26, 1983, had it not been for the presence of mind of one courageous Soviet officer.
We intend to provide polished, concierge-style security guards who have the training and presence of mind not only to prevent intruders from entering a building but also to provide effective emergency medical care for residents.
Lavallee says contractors must have the presence of mind to ask where their anchor points are to hook up their lanyard, but it's still the responsibility of the on-site supervisor to point out the risks and hazards.
Throughout the tragic episode, young Jeremiah demonstrated a maturity, presence of mind, and bravery that saved two lives.
Yet this Casanova cannot love, at least not in the romantic manner of popular sentiment, depending instead on presence of mind, wit, and supreme confidence to sway ordinary mortals.
She had enough presence of mind to quickly turn off the gas stove, and we scrambled to a doorway.
Learning a yoga pose is similar to learning a song from total absence of knowledge to total presence of mind within the body.
Fortunately, she has the presence of mind (and the dagger) to kill him.
There is no doubt that had she not had the presence of mind and courage to confront this man, the incident could have been even more horrific.
Although the freshman was new to the study of carbon nanotubes, "he had the presence of mind to come and tell me," says Ajayan.
If you've got the presence of mind, push your bitten arm/ hand toward the dog.