presence of mind

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pres·ence of mind

The ability to think and act calmly and efficiently, especially in an emergency situation.
References in classic literature ?
Charles, my dear cousin," cried Julia, rising and meeting him with both hands extended, "I owe my life to your bravery and presence of mind.
Very true, my love," said Miss Emmerson, excessively gratified to hear her niece praise the youth; "it is the surest test of courage when men behave with presence of mind in novel situations.
There was a kind of fascination in meeting his steady gaze so suddenly, which took from the other the presence of mind to withdraw his eyes, and forced him, as it were, to meet his look.
Well, says I, 'my dear, I'll ask you no more under your hand; but as you are to hear the most unexpected and surprising thing that perhaps ever befell any family in the world, I beg you to promise me you will receive it with composure and a presence of mind suitable to a man of sense.
The case seemed wholly desperate and deplorable; and this magnificent palace would have infallibly been burnt down to the ground, if, by a presence of mind unusual to me, I had not suddenly thought of an expedient.
Giles was expatiating upon his presence of mind, when the doctor entered; Mr.
whispered her neighbor, a young lady of great presence of mind.
Harris and I were included in all the descriptions; how we were coming along; how Hans Gross shouted; how we looked up startled; how we saw Peter coming like a cannon-shot; how judiciously we got out of the way, and let him come; and with what presence of mind we picked him up and brushed him off and set him on a rock when the performance was over.
But the youth did not lose his presence of mind, and drawing his bow he pierced the beast with his arrow right through the skull.
for the workers in the Public Sector Undertakings, Departmental Undertakings of the Central and the State Governments and Private Sector units employing 500 or more workers in recognition of their distinguished performance, innovative ability, outstanding contribution in the field of productivity and exhibition of exceptional courage and presence of mind.
I applaud Air India pilot Captain Anupama Kohli's presence of mind and swiftness in steering the plane up from the Vistara aircraft.
And that was the point of inception - kabaddi was appreciated for fostering crisis management skills, pro-activeness, and enhancing agility, lung capacity, muscular coordination and presence of mind," said Dr Kumar.