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Dr Isaac replied: "It's a serious prescribing error. It should be given as a single dose once a week.
Furthermore, according World Health Organization (WHO) studies in 2016, in United Kingdom, 12% of primary care patient affected by monitoring or prescribing error of medicine over the course of a year and its increases to 31% in older patient who is 75 year and older who is receiving more than 5 drug during 12 months period.
Drug prescribing pattern and prescribing error in elderly: A retrospective study of inpatient record.
The ASHP classified MEs such as omission error, wrong dosage-form error, wrong drug-preparation error, compliance error, improper dose error, deteriorated drug error, wrong administration-technique error, wrong time error, monitoring error, as prescribing error, unauthorized drug error, wrong dosage-form error, monitoring error, and any other ME (any ME that does not fall into one of above predefined categories).
There were 309 (47%) prescribing errors documented, with an overall prescribing error rate of 43% (95% confidence interval (CI) 39.6-46.9).
Prescribing error are human errors and cannot be attributed to poor CP teaching.
Electronic prescribing reduces prescribing error in public hospitals.
The written medication order is the first place in which a prescribing error may occur.
THE daughter of a Coventry man who died after an alleged prescribing error has hit out at hospital doctors for making similar mistakes.
(2010), for example, CPOE was found to be very effective in reducing prescribing error in a particular case, namely, the simultaneous ordering of warfarin (an anticoagulant) and trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (an antibiotic that enhances the effect of warfarin and can induce adverse bleeding).
"Ms Green made a serious prescribing error which put a patient at unwarranted risk of harm," said NMC panel chair Maurice Cohen.
Another local study6 on a small number of patients revealed prescribing error of 39.28%.