preputial calculus

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pre·pu·ti·al cal·cu·lus

a calculus occurring beneath the foreskin.
Synonym(s): postholith

pre·pu·ti·al cal·cu·lus

(pre-pyū'shē-ăl kal'kyū-lŭs)
A calculus occurring beneath the foreskin.


emanating from or pertaining to the prepuce.

preputial anastomosis
a treatment for preputial prolapse in pigs involving resection of the prolapsed portion and joining of the skin and mucosal surfaces at the margin of the prolapsed tissue.
preputial annulus
the fibrous ring contained in the skin around the external orifice of the prepuce.
preputial calculus
top-shaped mass; may act as valve and obstruct preputial orifice.
preputial diverticulitis
inflammation of the preputial diverticulum in the pig.
preputial diverticulum
an evagination of the prepuce such as of the dorsal wall of the preputial cavity of the boar just inside the external preputial orifice. Called also preputial sac.
preputial eversion
because of injury or infection the skin lining the preputial cavity becomes swollen and edematous and prolapses through the preputial orifice where it is likely to undergo more injury. Commonest in cattle and among them in polled animals which are likely to have a higher incidence of weak preputial muscles and therefore the most dependent pizzles. Called also preputial prolapse.
Enlarge picture
Partial preputial eversion in a bull. By permission from Blowey RW, Weaver AD, Diseases and Disorders of Cattle, Mosby, 1997
preputial hypoplasia
with concurrent smallness of other genitalia occurs with early castration and in intersex specimens.
preputial inflammation
preputial prolapse
seen in pigs and may be treated by replacement and use of a purse-string suture, or in more severe cases by preputial anastomosis (above).
ring method of preputial amputation
a surgical method of treating prepucial prolapse in bulls, using a rigid plastic ring as a framework for ligation.
preputial sac
see preputial diverticulum (above).
preputial stenosis
preputial varicosities
distended veins that often cause local distention of the prepuce in stallions but do not appear to interfere with breeding.
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