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a loose fold of skin that covers the glans penis; it is a continuation of the loose skin that covers the entire penis and scrotum. Its removal is called circumcision. Called also prepuce.
Patient Care. In the uncircumcised male the foreskin is retracted at least daily and the glans penis washed with soap and water. In the newborn, assessment includes inspecting the foreskin and underlying penis for evidence of adhesions, interference with urination or other abnormalities. Before discharge the parents are taught how to clean the genitals of an uncircumcised male infant.
Foreskin. From Lammon et al., 1995.
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(prē'pūs), [TA]
A free fold of skin that covers the glans penis or clitoris.
Synonym(s): preputium [TA], foreskin
[L. praeputium, foreskin]
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(prē'pyūs) [TA]
The free fold of skin that covers the glans penis more or less completely.
Synonym(s): preputium [TA] , foreskin.
[L. praeputium, foreskin]
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