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 [pre-pu´ber-al] (prepubertal [pre-pu´ber-t'l]) before puberty; pertaining to the period of accelerated growth preceding gonadal maturity.
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, prepubertal (prē-pyū'bĕr-ăl, -ber-tăl),
Before puberty.
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, prepubertal (prē-pyū'bĕr-ăl, -tăl)
Before puberty.
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, prepubertal (prē-pyū'bĕr-ăl, -tăl)
Before puberty.
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On the other hand, there are 4 types of germ cell tumors that do not develop from GCNIS--spermatocytic tumor (no longer termed spermatocytic seminoma) (40) and 3 neoplasms that are largely, but not exclusively, restricted to prepubertal children: teratoma, prepubertal type; mixed germ cell tumor, prepubertal type (teratoma and yolk sac tumor); and yolk sac tumor, prepubertal type.
(2) Diagnosis of prepubertal LS usually is made based on a review of the patient's history and clinical examination.
Two pubertal patients had low BMD (z-score -3.2 and -3.6) and five patients (one pubertal and four prepubertal) were at risk for low BMD (z-score: -1.2, -1.3, -1.4, -1.4, and -1.8).
The adhesion typically begins at the posterior fourchette and continues anteriorly.4 Though it is often an acquired condition, it can also occur as a congenital anomaly, usually accompanied by other genitourinary abnormalities.2 It can be asymptomatic, especially in prepubertal girls.
The disorder is rare in prepubertal children, especially in the Asian population [13].
The following case report illustrates the clinical presentation and challenges in treating a prepubertal boy with treatment-emergent mania.
In addition, their pubertal height gain was greater than that of the prepubertal children starting GH treatment 2.3 years earlier.
Here, we report a case in prepubertal male child of secondary syphilis presenting as condylomata lata in the era of viral STIs.
Cryopreservation of testicular tissue has emerged as an alternative for fertility preservation, particularly in prepubertal animals (GOOSSENS et al., 2008), allowing the indefinite viability of the genetic material present in the testicles of these animals.
The effect of testosterone propionate during fetal and neonatal life on ovaries and also in prepubertal and adult female rats have been studied and reported that it resulted in a significant increase in body weight; the total number of follicle was unchanged, but there was significant increase in activating transitory follicles and a decrease in small antral follicles.7 Testoste-rone propionate also induced granulosa cell atresia in advanced follicles; it also resulted in underdeveloped streak ovaries in both prepubertal and adult rats.7