preprocedural rinse

pre·pro·ce·dur·al rinse

(prē'prō-sē'jŭr-ăl rins)
Antimicrobial or antiseptic mouth rinse used before a treatment procedure begins to reduce the number of bacteria introduced into the patient's bloodstream and to control aerosols released into the surrounding environment.
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(20,22) Evidence supports the use of a mouthrinse containing chlorhexidine gluconate (e.g., Peridex[TM] or PerioGard[R]), essential oils (e.g., Listerine[R]), or povidone iodine as a one-minute preprocedural rinse within 30 minutes prior to the procedure.
To combat the time-perception challenge, Gutierrez has patients literally watch a clock with a second hand that is available in her operatory while doing the preprocedural rinse. "If I am recommending a home rinse, I show them how long 30 seconds can be.
In addition to stressing the length of the 30-second rinse, Gutierrez also uses the preprocedural rinse time to explain the reason for and the information about the tie between chronic inflammatory gum disease with systemic issues.