prepatellar bursa

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subcutaneous prepatellar bursa

a bursa in the deep subcutaneous tissue, superficial to the fascia lata or superficial prepatellar aponeurosis.
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pre·pa·tel·lar bur·sa

(prē-pă-tel'ăr bŭr'să)
A bursa between the skin and the lower part of the patella.
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Two months prior to presentation, he underwent arthroscopic excision of the prepatellar bursa. His immediate postoperative course was uncomplicated; 2-weeks postoperatively, he returned to full activities as tolerated.
At the time of initial presentation, the prepatellar bursa was aspirated with sterile technique.
Previous reviewers have classified the olecranon bursa to be the most common site but our review of the recorded case revealed that prepatellar bursa is more common.