Relating to the period before birth.
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Technical note: Effects of adding shade and fans to a feedbunk sprinkler system for preparturient cows on health and performance.
Finally, because establishing a long-term range typically takes 5-156 d post release (Ruth et al, 1998; Moehrenschlager and Macdonald, 2003; Clapp et al, 2014), preparturient female elk may not have adequate time to find suitable parturition habitat, which may lead to lower juvenile survival.
-- We computer-monitored preparturient GPS-collared female moose beginning 1 May 2013 to identify a calving movement followed by localization (Severud et al.
In contrast, several studies have suggested that prolactin concentrations in prepartum sows might not be correlated with the degree of NB behaviour (Lawrence et al., 1994), and played only a limited role in preparturient activity of sows (Rushen et al., 2001).
The preparturient behaviour of sows in enriched pens and the effect of pre-formed nests.
Preparturient variation in progesterone, prolactin, oxytocin and somatostatin in relation to nest building in sows.
Pathologic reasons for induced parturition include hydrops of fetal membranes, pre-pubic tendon rupture, preparturient cervico-vaginal prolapse, downer cow syndrome and other conditions causing maternal ill health.
In addition to previously recognized neonatal and developmental abnormalities associated with placental HEV, data from this study of livebirths identifies additional HEV-associated clinical events that are detectable in the preparturient period.
Determination of anti-inflammatory cytokine in preparturient cows for prediction of postpartum reproductive diseases.
Lactogenesis is accomplished by the preparturient withdrawal of progesterone and an increase in prolactin (de Passille et al., 1993).
where, t represents 1 year and [U.subt] is the preparturient ungulate population in the absence of predation.