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the state of being ready beforehand for a given event.
community disaster preparedness in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as preparing for an effective response to a large-scale disaster.


the state of being ready beforehand for a given event.


The capability, planning, and training needed to respond to a crisis (e.g., a multiple casualty incident, chemical spill, or terrorist attack).

Patient discussion about preparedness

Q. I am confused with how to be precautious and ready to understand that if possible that it’s a breast cancer? I am 27 years woman and heard a lot about breast cancer and have seen some with surgery done and I am worried about myself………………..I am here just to understand something about breast cancer…..I found this site a useful one ……………….but still I am confused with how to be precautious and ready to understand that if possible that it’s a breast cancer.......

A. I can understand what you mean to say. You wanted to know about the precautions to be taken to avoid the risk of breast cancer…is that first learn the self examination by your doctor and apart from having good diet and exercise reduce on alcohol and smoke. Avoid radiation exposure and if you have any family history or during any breast change please meet your doctor without late.

Q. if a child has Autism , what are the expected symptoms i should be ready to be handle with?

A. Chidlrenw ith autism nay display behaviors that would seem inappropriate for other people, such as specific repetitive movements, as well as peculiar stubbornness and insistence on specific details such eating only from a bowl o certain color etc.

Autistic children may also have problems with communication and social understanding, which may cause them to be suspicious to ward people and sometimes act in "inappropriately aggressive manners".

Caring for a child with autism isn't simple and requires understanding of what is autism and what makes the child thinks and act the way he or she do. You may read more about this vast subject here:

You may also want to read the book The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time/Marc Haddon, that tells about a child with high level autism. It may give you some insights about the mind of these children.

Take care,

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