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the act or process of making ready.
childbirth preparation in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as providing information and support to facilitate childbirth and to enhance the ability of an individual to develop and perform the role of parent.
surgical preparation in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as providing care to a patient immediately prior to surgery and verification of required procedures or tests and documentation in the clinical record.


1. The act of making or getting ready.
2. Something made ready, as a medicine or other mixture, or a histologic specimen.
[L. praeparatio, fr. prae, before, + paro, pp. -atus, to get ready]


1. The act or process of preparing.
2. A substance, such as a medicine, prepared for a particular purpose.


1. The act of making or getting ready.
2. Something made ready, e.g., medicine.
[L. praeparatio, fr. prae, before, + paro, pp. -atus, to get ready]

Patient discussion about preparation

Q. Getting prepared for chemo Hi, I have breast cancer, and I’m planned to start chemotherapy in a short time. Do you have any advice how should I prepare for it? What to buy? The anti-emesis drugs are already waiting- any other thing I should get?

A. A surgical face mask – if you find yourself in a close place and someone starts to cough or sneeze, you can protect yourself.

Q. A tumor was discovered in my kidney how should I prepare myself to the future events?

A. sorry to hear...there are all sorts of tumors in kidneys but generally i recommend first of all talking to your family and explain the situation. but only after you understand what it is and what that means. you will need a lot of support and you don't want to leave your loved ones in the darkness about it. believe me that is the basic in preparing yourself to any tumor therapy.
good luck!!
you'll be fine i'm sure!!

Q. what are the most common problems women tend to develop during pregnancy? how would i prepare for it???

A. Needing to urinate more often...i think every one has it. because of pregnancy hormones and growing baby presses on her bladder- she needs to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes. it looks pretty annoying. i'm not sure there is something to do with it.

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These anastomoses carry a low leak rate of less than 1%, and the weight of evidence is considerable that oral bowel preparation can be omitted in such cases.
First, it is unclear whether that concept applies to tax law analyses rendered before the preparation of the return.
First, let us look at a group of preparations that have one thing in common--their preparation does not ensure pre-dispersal of the active agent particles.
You should consider owning a franchise as a viable option for your tax preparation business.
Volunteers learn basic tax preparation techniques and technology, enabling them to handle most returns competently, or at least know how to find an answer.
BD compost preparations are used to treat compost piles, enhancing the breakdown, fermentation, and decomposition of raw compost materials, and help the rebuilding of refuse into stable humus, full of life.
Training in transformational, distributed, or shared leadership methodologies has a nearly-exclusive focus on the "how" of mobilizing resources to attain organizational goals; such preparation does not seek to develop the vital capacity of leaders to determine for what to strive.
Steiner is playing to the "new right monopoly" in education and setting the conditions that could lead to mandates for a sterile, neutral, and value-free preparation of teachers.
The skills of coordination, advocacy, collaboration, and evaluation are often not found in traditional counselor preparation programs in either the classroom or the practicum and internship experiences.