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A prenyl moiety in 3 was predicted due to the resonances of two allelic methyl protons at I' 1.65 (d, J = 0.8 Hz), 1.56 (br s), an olefinic methine at I' 5.07 (m) and a methylene at I' 3.07 (d, J = 7.2).
Wang, "Nonpeptide antigens, presentation mechanisms, and immunological memory of human V[gamma]2V[delta]2 T cells: discriminating friend from foe through the recognition of prenyl pyrophosphate antigens," Immunological Reviews, vol.
Prenylated flavonoids occur when the flavonoid ring is substituted by prenyl groups.
coli was carried out to increase the supply of prenyl pyrophosphates as precursors for carotenoid production, and the carotenoid content reached 1.6 mg/g [20].
Results: PEEs contain high levels of TP, NFP and FP, including cinnamic acid, caffeic acid prenyl ester, caffeoyl dihydrocaffeate and caffeic acid 3,4-dihydroxyphenethyl ester, liquiritigenin, 2',4'-dihydroxychalcone and 2',4'-dihydroxy-3'-methoxychalcone.
1H-NMR spectrum presented a similar pattern to that of mahanimbine [8] except the presence of an open side chain in place of prenyl chain which was also confirmed by the HMBC correlations of H-2/ to C-1/ and H-CH to C-3/ and C-4/.
Biosynthesis of isoprenoids (carotenoids, sterols, prenyl side-chains of chlorophylls and plastoquinone) via a novel pyruvate/glyceraldehydes 3-phosphate non-mevalonate pathway in the green alga Scenedesmus obliquus.
The isolation of a prenyl coumarin of chemotaxonomic significance from Murraya paniculata var.
Human chorionic gonadotropin (Prenyl, Organon, Santa Farma Ilac Sanayi, Sirkeci, Istanbul, Turkey) at a dose of 10,000 IU was employed to trigger ovulation when at least one follicle exceeding 18mm in diameter was noted.
In addition, the prenyl group has been proposed as an active group to enhance the osteogenesis process in recent years of some flavonoid compounds, including genistein prenylated derivatives (6-prenylgenistein, 8-prenylgenistein and 6,8-prenylgenistein) which have been shown to better stimulate osteoblastic proliferation, differentiation, and mineralization in UMR 106 cells than genistein itself [17].
Takanao, "Synthesis and antibacterial activity of chalcones bearing prenyl or geranyl groups from Angelica keiskei," Tetrahedron, vol.