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Preceding the formation of any neoplasm, benign or malignant; a preneoplastic condition is not always precancerous, although the term is frequently used erroneously in that sense.
[pre- + G. neos, new, + plastikos, formative]
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adjective Referring to a lesion or process that has a high risk of becoming malignant with time.
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Preceding the formation of any neoplasm, benign or malignant.
[pre- + G. neos, new, + plastikos, formative]
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The expansion of a preneoplastic clone, referred to as low-grade intraurothelial neoplasia (LGIN), is the incipient event in bladder carcinogenesis.
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In view of the mentioned effects of quercetin on different molecular pathways, we evaluated EGFR signaling pathways as a possible participating mechanism of quercetin to reverse rat liver preneoplastic lesions.
To evaluate whether jacalin has a chemopreventive activity in carcinogen-exposed mice, colonic preneoplastic lesions--aberrant crypt foci (ACF)--were counted 10 weeks after the first injection of MNNG.
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Loss of GSTP1 expression, as a consequence of gene methylation, seems to be one of the first events to cause a preneoplastic phenotype to develop into a malignant phenotype [11].