premorbid conditions

premorbid conditions, conditions preceding the onset of disease.
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The impact of premorbid conditions on temporal pattern and location of adult blunt trauma hospital deaths.
premorbid conditions, description of the catastrophic event) necessary to complete the life care plan were not always immediately available in the VA electronic medical system, the expert panel had the knowledge and experience required to fill in any gaps.
Hokoki's duties were to monitor the patient's medical condition for cardiopulmonary risks, infection, underlying medical considerations, and premorbid conditions.
For example: A 72-year-old male with no premorbid conditions trips and falls over a wheelchair legrest.
As premorbid conditions associated with CTCLs, kidney and thyroid disorders have rarely been reported.
They did not calculate LOS or probability of survival for given patient cohorts, but found that increased age, male sex, and several premorbid conditions increased the rate of death and decreased the rate of discharge alive.
Our findings encourage early identification of the patient population with good prognostic factors, such as younger age, aneurysms smaller than 10 mm, good neurologic grade, and without premorbid conditions and predisposing factors.