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"There's always a conductive thread through space for an untenable position." So begins Premonition. This book-length prose poem does little in the way of warning, as the title suggests it might, but it does think about the future, the "untenable position" that seems improbable and abstract until we are in it.
They dominate the most sued companies according to the lists drawn up by Premonition, while bank-initiated foreclosures dominate the plaintiff lists.
Premonition's technology helps lead clients to the best possible attorneys.
Meanwhile, Jolanta's grandmother Albina Sapalaite revealed she had a premonition she would die on the day she left Lithuania.
introduced its conduction-cooled CompactPCI CC279 PREMONITION that offers optimal speed and memory, delivering four times the performance of previous in-a-single-slot, convection-cooled SBCs, according to the company.
In conclusion, no one survived the premonition that their days on this earth were coming to an end.
Extras include director and actor commentary, Glimpses of the Future: Making Premonition, Bringing Order to Chaos featurette, Real Life Premonitions: The Truth About Seeing the Future, deleted scenes with optional director commentary, blooper reel.
A fter an engrossing and unsettling first 30 minutes, I had a spooky premonition about Mennan Yapo's time-bending psychological thriller.
In "Premonition" she's in a movie that plays like the dark side of "Groundhog Day." Instead of living the same day over and over, she keeps waking up on different days of the same week, but not in order.
And in March he stars opposite Sandra Bullock in Premonition, a sort of spooky Groundhog Day.
The premonition of something unnatural coming, intensifying as the photographer approaches the site, ultimately signifies the incommensurable.
Stockton youngster Alex Marsden must have had a premonition of what was to come at Villa Park.