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Of or relating to the years of a woman's life before the onset of menopause.
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adjective Referring to the period in a ♀ preceding menopause, aka 'change of life'. See Menopause.
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Q. How do I know the difference between the symptoms of premenopause and stress? For the past year, I've been having weird periods, hot flashes, mood swings, and most recently, a lack of enthusiasm for sex. I asked my doctor and she said I'm too young (I'm 38), so I'm thinking it may be stress. I bought 'The Menopause Bible' and it seems that perhaps my doc was wrong, but then I thought that maybe it is stress and I'm wondering if some of the symptoms of premenopause are the same for stress. Can anyone provide some thoughts on this? I would really appreciate it.

A. here is a nice site i picked up one day i was looking for something that will match the symptoms i had. it's a site that you can enter the symptom and it'll tell you what causes them. just enter all of your symptoms and see what keeps poping up:

good luck!

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Similarly, the pre- to postmenopause change in median FSH from 38.6 to 62.8 IU/L in the stable migraine group didn't attain statistical significance, while the bigger shift in the migraine change group--from 13.5 IU/L premenopausally to 62.2 IU/L post menopause, was statistically significant.
The apparent difference in the effects of genistein on breast cancer risk premenopausally and postmenopausally may be explained by the fact that the breasts of older women are more likely to contain malignant cells as compared to the breasts of younger women.
As a result, fear of breast cancer hits hard premenopausally, and lingers long after the risk from heart disease has dwarfed it.
HR6 Mammogram: Women aged 35 and older with a family history of premenopausally diagnosed breast cancer in a first-degree relative.
To prevent these adverse changes, nearly all postmenopausal women should receive exogenous estrogen to maintain the physiologic circulating levels of estrogen that existed premenopausally.
A similar reduction in breast cancer risk is achieved with prophylactic salpingooophorectomy, if performed premenopausally, which is necessary to manage the ovarian cancer risk associated with the BRCA genes.
"What I suspect is that smoking may lead to lower estrogen levels premenopausally, which could lead to brain neurons that are less viable and more likely to die early.
Women develop their maximum bone mineral density (BMD) premenopausally, during mid-adulthood.