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Of or relating to the years of a woman's life before the onset of menopause.


adjective Referring to the period in a ♀ preceding menopause, aka 'change of life'. See Menopause.

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Q. How do I know the difference between the symptoms of premenopause and stress? For the past year, I've been having weird periods, hot flashes, mood swings, and most recently, a lack of enthusiasm for sex. I asked my doctor and she said I'm too young (I'm 38), so I'm thinking it may be stress. I bought 'The Menopause Bible' and it seems that perhaps my doc was wrong, but then I thought that maybe it is stress and I'm wondering if some of the symptoms of premenopause are the same for stress. Can anyone provide some thoughts on this? I would really appreciate it.

A. here is a nice site i picked up one day i was looking for something that will match the symptoms i had. it's a site that you can enter the symptom and it'll tell you what causes them. just enter all of your symptoms and see what keeps poping up:

good luck!

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According to the companies, Vyleesi is the first US FDA-approved product for the treatment of premenopausal women who experience distress or interpersonal difficulty due to low sexual desire.
The vital data of the healthy postmenopausal women and the healthy premenopausal is shown in table.
There is no significant difference found in the mean values of serum lipid profile in vegetarian versus non-vegetarian groups of premenopausal and perimenopausal/postmenopausal women [Table 1].
While Sandler and her colleagues are unsure why young, premenopausal women with a high BMI appear to be protected against breast cancer, she cautions that young women should not intentionally gain weight to lower their breast cancer risk.
"I agree that premenopausal patients with lung cancer need to be educated about the risk for chemotherapy-related amenorrhea, menopause issues (hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and bone loss), and the potential loss of fertility before chemotherapy is initiated," he added.
Two major clinical trials, the SOFT and TEXT trials, explored the benefit of ovarian ablation in the adjuvant treatment of early stage premenopausal breast cancer.
Three-month depot leuprorelin with oral tamoxifen can suppress serum estradiol to the menopausal level within 4 weeks after injection in premenopausal women [20].
Samit Hirawat, executive vice president and head, global drug development at Novartis Oncology, said, "There remains a significant unmet treatment need in younger women diagnosed with premenopausal advanced breast cancer, as the disease tends to be more aggressive with a poorer prognosis.
Cardioprotective effect on premenopausal women is believed to be imposed by adequacy of endogenous estrogen level produced during menstrual cycle.
Objective: To determine the association between serum 25 hydroxyvitamin D levels and percent breast density among asymptomatic premenopausal women.
Premenopausal women may also need local estrogenization, lubrication, or moisturization.