premature systole

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A nonspecific word for an ectopic beat from any source in the heart.
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An ectopic beat from any source in the heart.
Synonym(s): premature systole.
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(sis'to-le) [Gr. systole, contraction]
Contraction of the chambers of the heart. The myocardial fibers shorten, making the chamber smaller and forcing blood out. In the cardiac cycle, atrial systole precedes ventricular systole, which pumps blood into the aorta and pulmonary artery. systolic, adjective See: diastole; murmur; presystole

aborted systole

A premature cardiac systole in which arterial pressure is increased little if at all because of inadequate filling of ventricles resulting from shortening of the preceding diastole.

anticipated systole

A systole that is aborted because it occurs before the ventricle is filled.

arterial systole

The rebound or recoil of the stretched elastic walls of the arteries following ventricular systole.

atrial systole

The contraction of the atria; it occurs before the contraction of the ventricles. About a fourth of the blood that fills the ventricles is squeezed into them during atrial systole. In atrial fibrillation, the atria beat erratically without a defined contraction, and ventricular filling is impaired. Colloquially, atrial systole is called the “atrial kick.”

electrical systole

The total duration of the QRST complex in an electrocardiogram; it occurs just before the mechanical systole.

premature systole


ventricular systole

Ventricular contraction.
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