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Intravaginal misoprostol 600 microg and 800 microg for the treatment of early pregnancy failure.
Because "medical treatment of early pregnancy failures is still in its infancy in the United States," (19) a variety of ways of carrying out this approach are still being tried (different drug combinations and methods of administration, efforts to determine which patients are most appropriate in terms of weeks gestation, open or closed cervix, and so forth).
The researchers remark that "because women generally prefer some treatment to no treatment, the success rate of vaginal misoprostol for early pregnancy failure appears to be an advance in medical treatment.
In a highly desired pregnancy, even with ultrasound findings that are perhaps suggestive of early pregnancy failure, I think watchful waiting has a really important role," said Dr.
Comparison of manual vacuum aspiration and D and C in the treatment of early pregnancy failure.
The findings of this survey of 976 ObGyns, midwives, and family medicine practitioners suggest that modern approaches to early pregnancy failure (EPF) are much underutilized.
Correlation of human chorionic gonadotropin in early pregnancy failure with size of gestational sac and placental histology.
Raghupathy (11) studied the associations of cytokine expression of T-helper 1, 2, and 3 cytokines and the mechanisms that may be associated with immunologically mediated pregnancy failure.
NEW YORK -- Vaginal misoprostol is an effective alternative to surgical intervention for management of early pregnancy failure, with a high degree of patient acceptability, according to a study reported at an obstetrics symposium sponsored by Columbia University and New York Presbyterian Hospital.
INTRODUCTION: Vacuum aspiration for uterine evacuation in cases of early pregnancy failure is associated with morbidity and mortality.