prefrontal lobe

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prefrontal lobe

The frontal portion of the frontal lobe of the brain.
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1. a more or less well-defined portion of an organ or gland.
2. one of the main divisions of a tooth crown.

caudate lobe
a small dorsally located lobe of the liver to the right of the caudal vena cava that frequently embraces the right kidney.
ear lobe
an elevated area of skin just below the external auditory meatus in birds.
frontal lobe
the anterior portion of the gray matter of the cerebral hemisphere.
hepatic lobe
one of the lobes of the liver.
occipital lobe
the most posterior portion of the cerebral hemisphere, forming a small part of its dorsolateral surface.
parietal lobe
the upper central portion of the gray matter of the cerebral hemisphere, between the frontal and occipital lobes, and above the temporal lobe. See also parietal lobe.
prefrontal lobe
the part of the brain rostral to the ascending convolution.
quadrate lobe
1. precuneus.
2. a small lobe of the liver, between the gallbladder on the right, and the left lobe.
temporal lobe
the lower lateral portion of the cerebral hemisphere.
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As emotions heighten, the prefrontal lobe is essential to controlling them, and serotonin is a necessary mechanism for this process to work effectively.
Tang and colleagues [97] studied the default mode network (DMN) in patients with early-onset schizophrenia (12 to 19 years old); they found increased functional connection between the ventromedial prefrontal lobe and the right inferior temporal gyrus, left angular gyrus, and dorsomedial prefrontal lobe, but decreased functional connection between the right angular gyrus and the cerebellar tonsil, left superior frontal gyrus and right inferior semilunar lobule.
The term Dysexecutive Syndrome (Baddeley, 1986), refers to a similar clinical-frame to what was previously described as Prefrontal Lobe Syndrome, characterized by disorder in the planning and organizing of actions, problem-solving, and selective attention.
New research in America suggests it lies just behind the forehead in the brain's left prefrontal lobes.
13) In general, tumors that involve the olfactory bulb, olfactory tract, or prefrontal lobe can cause olfactory deficits, while temporal lobe tumors are associated with olfactory hallucination.
Overall the findings support the hypothesis that OCD is associated with structural changes of gray and white matter in the prefrontal lobe, striatum, and thalamus.
As a matter of fact, the prefrontal lobes maintain extensive connections, particularly with other cortical areas, the limbic system, the cortical and subcortical motor areas, and the sensory cortex (Damasio & Anderson, 2003).
In the experiment, brain scans of 103 volunteers from the US Military Academy at West Point, ranging in rank from officer cadet to major, found that neural networks in the frontal and prefrontal lobes of those deemed 'leaders' were different from the rest.
In studies that have evaluated risk in people with bipolar disorder with and without cannabis use disorder, those who use cannabis have an earlier age of onset of bipolar disorder and earlier age at first hospitalization for bipolar disorder; in one study, adolescents with bipolar disorder and cannabis use disorder had more abnormalities in the prefrontal lobes and temporal and subcortical structures, than those with bipolar disorder only (J.
287) (8) argue that 'repression' is therefore consonant with a short-circuiting of this process, so that repressed information is information that is excluded from the overarching network of executive control exercised by the prefrontal lobes (p.
Importantly, elaborate momentary confabulations often involve damage to ventromedial prefrontal lobes and the diencephalon, while the behaviorally spontaneous confabulations involve damage to the posterior orbitofrontal cortex or related anterior limbic structures.
Their underdeveloped prefrontal lobes prevent them from thinking about the long-term consequences of their actions.