predisposing factor

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risk factor

An aspect of personal behaviour or lifestyle, an environmental exposure, or an inborn or inherited characteristic associated with an increased likelihood of disease or other health-related event or condition; a variable that affects the probability of a specified adverse event.
Any social (e.g., domestic violence), economic (e.g., poverty), biological (e.g., breast cancer gene), behavioural (e.g., smoking) or environmental (e.g., air pollution) factor that is associated with—but does not independently cause—an increased risk of a particular disease, injury or physical or mental illness.

NIH Office Rare Disease
An aspect of personal behaviour or lifestyle, an environmental exposure, or an inborn or inherited characteristic known from scientific evidence to be associated with a health effect.
Any attribute associated with an increased risk of suicide.

Public health
Any factor, based on epidemiological research, known to be linked to a particular disease—e.g., smoking and lung cancer; red meat and colorectal cancer; sedentary lifestyle and heart disease.

Any factor, based on epidemiology, which has been linked to an increased risk of suicide—e.g., suicide of a close friend or family member, stressor in the environment, major adverse life event.
Veterinary medicine
An individual attribute or exposure that is positively or negatively associated with the occurrence of a disease.
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A similar study of bacterial keratitis in Melbourne showed chronic steroid usage and ocular trauma as the major predisposing factors of keratitis20.
Staffmembers from the patients' local public health jurisdiction investigate extrapulmonary NTM cases by collecting clinical data and information on any predisposing factors occurring during the 14-70 days preceding symptom onset from medical charts and patient interviews, then enter the data into Orpheus.
The parameters such as age, gender, symptoms, lesion size, surgical treatment technique, comorbidity and predisposing factors of five cases who were diagnosed with anal Bowen's disease and treated surgically in our clinic between the years of 2000-2017 were examined retrospectively (Table 1).
(24) In Lebanon, Mneimneh et al, (25) reported a case of a five-day-old infant with subcutaneous fat necrosis without any identifiable predisposing factor. The above reports reflect the wide variations in the clinical manifestations of SCFNN.
Medical records were analyzed for demographics, clinical presentation, predisposing factors, abscess location on imaging and clinical outcomes were charted.
An Adult Tracheocele with No Predisposing Factor. Bezmialem Sicemce 2017; 5:138-41.
The presence of a predisposing factor responsible for the onset of BPME was found in 61% of our patients.
However, based on our definition, most of the conditions considered in previous studies would be classified as risk factors, not predisposing factors. Although there is no clear consensus on the use of terms: predisposing factor and risk factor, distinguishing between these two entities is clinically relevant.
This study was conducted to determine the predisposing factors for the development of dry sock- et among the patients of Peshawar Dental Collage Hospital Khyber Pakhtunkhwa - Pakistan.
Epidemiologic data analysis revealed that predisposing factors of nontoxigenic C.
(7) One of the predisposing factors for volvulus is the presence of a diaphragmatic defect; in adults, organoaxial volvulus occurs commonly in the setting of a post-traumatic diaphragmatic defect or a para-oesophageal hernia.
"Hypertension is the biggest predisposing factor towards strokes and heart attacks," he said.