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An established preference; a site of predilection would be the most likely site occurrance, as for the manifestations of a disease, condition, or parasite.
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Natural philosophy is the genius that has regulated my fate; I desire, therefore, in this narration, to state those facts which led to my predilection for that science.
All the monarchs of the Norman race had shown the most marked predilection for their Norman subjects; the laws of the chase, and many others equally unknown to the milder and more free spirit of the Saxon constitution, had been fixed upon the necks of the subjugated inhabitants, to add weight, as it were, to the feudal chains with which they were loaded.
Nor was this difficult, as she was soon to learn, for it rapidly became evident that beneath the uncouth savagery of the girl was a bed rock of innate refinement--a nicety of taste and predilection that quite equaled that of her instructor.
His interest, after all, is, consistently, that of the moralist (in no narrow sense) who deals, from predilection, with the sort of literary work which stirs men--stirs their intellect-- through feeling; and with that literature, especially, as looked at through the means by which it became capable of thus commanding men.
But genetic predilections present an invaluable look into both the development and treatment of disease.
Chapters 1-4 explain the impact that biases, illusions and other human predilections have on each stage of a negotiation process, including case evaluation, bargaining, offers, and agreements.
With notable exceptions their hedonistic lifestyle and sexual predilections disgrace the sport.
But Ireland's chief hope for leniency lies in the predilections of FIFA chief Sepp Blatter, who once suggested female footballers should wear tighter shorts.
As seems clear, most students with substance abuse issues begin using drugs and alcohol in or even before high school; they bring their patterns and predilections with them to college.
As such surveys are invariably subject to the predilections of their compilers, it may help to give some notion of the processes of selection and taxonomy.
While not necessarily in concurrence with John's subsequent predilections, I admire his early choice of musical material.
I find the notion of gay sex quite revolting and I want to go about my daily life without having people thrusting their sexual predilections my way.