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An established preference; a site of predilection would be the most likely site occurrance, as for the manifestations of a disease, condition, or parasite.
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All that the agent needed to do was to deftly and by degrees prepare the public for the great change, and have them established in predilections toward neatness against the time when the stove should appear upon the stage.
Are there not aversions, predilections, rivalships, and desires of unjust acquisitions, that affect nations as well as kings?
Though very moderate in my political antipathies and predilections, I confess to some excitement in my own case, declaring that if royalty WAS to be my lot, I would prefer not to ascend any higher on the scale than to become the property of that excellent princess, Amelie, who then presided in the Palais Royal, the daughter and sister of a king, but with as little prospects as desires of becoming a queen in her own person.
From speaking of books in general, he passed to different books in particular, and proceeded by rapid transitions from topic to topic, till several matters, both of taste and opinion, had been discussed considerably within the space of half an hour, but without the embellishment of many observations from himself; he being evidently less bent upon communicating his own thoughts and predilections, than on discovering mine.
I have no alliances, I have no predilections; I will not throw you into persecutions of heretics, nor will I cast you into the troubled waters of family dissension; I will simply say to you: The whole universe is our own; for me the minds of men, for you their bodies.
It was found that male predilection for complete denture and group 3 (56-75 years) indicated highest number subjects suffering from complete edentulism.
Regarding gender distribution, female predilection (1.5: 1) inPA, male predisposition in AdCC (1: 1.1) and equal gender distribution (1: 1) in MEC was noted.
Dettori, who notched the success aboard Predilection for long-time ally John Gosden, has now set his sights on passing fifth-placed Doug Smith's total of 3,111 winners.
Have already won a race over 7f or 1m That stat attack has eliminated the whole field with the exception of Predilection, Sevenleft, Chief Whip and Zodiakos.
Perhaps critics have grown tired of Arctic Monkey Alex Turner, one half of the Puppets, and his predilection for excellence on everything he's involved with.
Animant une conference de presse consacree a la presentation du bilan annuel des activites du groupement d'Oran de la Gendarmerie nationale, le colonel Chaalal Youcef a affirme que les descentes effectuees dans certains lieux ayant un attrait de predilection pour le crime et autres fleaux, notamment dans les bidonvilles, et l'intensification des patrouilles et des barrages de controle ont permis de mettre hors d'etat de nuire plusieurs groupes de malfaiteurs qui semaient la terreur d'arreter de nombreux individus recherches.