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A religious revival predating the 1998 papal visit continues to sweep the nation.
The regatta is the second oldest in the country, predating Henley, with only Chester being older.
The database, available on, dates back to 1538, predating the centralised registration of deaths in Wales and England, which began in 1837.
Curator Lynne Cooke opens the exhibition with a room of works that, though predating the wraparound paintings, develop similarly clever approaches to the image/support dichotomy.
Working independently in fossil beds in northern Pakistan, he and his colleagues have concluded that pakicetids, a group ancestral to modern cetaceans and predating the transition to marine life, also had the artiodactyl ankle form.
We see, too, a poet angered by the plight of the "Negro" of the late 1930s and early 1940s - overtly racist years predating the sit-ins, marches, and Black cultural revolution of the late 1960s.