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A relatively higher proliferation of BMSCs was observed in SDF-1[alpha] preconditioned BMSCs than un-pre-conditioned BMSCs group as measured by MTT assay.
Moreover, there was further differentiation of transplanted preconditioned BMSCs, when examined in pancreas 30 days post transplantation (Figure 5).
In this study, plumular apex explants isolated from unconditioned mature embryos or preconditioned with 20 mg/l BA for 10 days were cultured on MS medium supplemented with 0.25-2.0 mg/l BA singly or supplemented with 0.25 mg/l NAA for 8 weeks.
Therefore, a hierarchical two-level spectral preconditioned GMRES algorithm is presented for solving systems of linear equations, as follows:
Hence, we obtain a preconditioned linear system from (1) using the idea of splitting and the corresponding preconditioner is
With 68% of calves sold during 2007 being preconditioned, as well as 60% of yearlings, it appears that nonpreconditioned cattle are being discounted.
Aim of this paper is to generalize the positive preconditioning results for circulant and band preconditioners for Block Toeplitz matrices, e.g., [6, 11, 12, 13, 14], and to derive further results on the eigenvalue distribution and clustering of preconditioned block Toeplitz systems and Toeplitz Schur complements (like the normal equations).
However, preconditioned plants had 18.9%, 9.5% and 7.9% higher concentrations of [K.sup.+], and 31.7%, 19.4% and 29.8% higher concentration of [Ca.sup.2+] than nonpreconditioned plants at 7, 14, and 21 d of heat stress, respectively.
figure 6 in that the hoses preconditioned with oxygenated
These methods are usually called preconditioned gradient methods as historically the first method of this kind, suggested in [51], minimizes the Rayleigh quotient on every iteration in the direction of the preconditioned gradient.
After the second cycle of rewatering, drought preconditioned and non-preconditioned plants in eight containers were exposed to 35/30 [degrees] C (day/night) in growth chambers for 35 d.