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Surprisingly, it might be harder to draw something very familiar, such as a face, than something very novel, about which one has no preconceptions," Chamberlain added.
oMy preconceptions were that it just wasnAEt my cup of tea, that it was for the older generation,o said Mike Hancock, a 26-year-old financial consultant, of Pontypridd, who along with his wife Kate attended his first ever opera on Monday night as part of a highly unscientific experiment conducted by the Echo and Welsh National Opera.
Marilyn Gottschall, who teaches religious studies at a private liberal arts college in southern California, discusses the ways an assignment to recite the Qur'an in Arabic in a world religions class affects student stereotypes and negative preconceptions.
But what makes these works more interesting, and essential, than the user-friendly products of the culture industry is their insistent challenge to perceptions and preconceptions, not through statements, but through understatements.
The obvious conclusion that any reader must draw from this remarkable collection of insights into the early modern Italian mind is that the past is very much a different country which one must enter carefully, without preconceptions but with an open mind.
This autobiography will probably solidify many people's preconceptions, as he reiterates and elaborates on his positions regarding the hydrogen bomb, nuclear power, and the Strategic Defense Initiative.
VANCOUVER -- The Fraser Institute, a leading advocate of market solutions to health care problems, condemned the final Romanow report on health care in Canada, saying it "produces no new insights but rehashes the prejudices and preconceptions that have brought Canadian health care to its current difficulties.
Forget the expectations and preconceptions accompanying any gathering of musicians from such illustrious origins.
She challenges common preconceptions about such women and why they join hate groups.
Without the title and the associated preconceptions, what is left is a very informative guide to micrographic systems.
You look at the title and have preconceptions that this might be a load of Tartan-clad nonsense, but it isn't.
In person, Wilhelm and Melanie are bright and forthright, but with a humility that comes from having your preconceptions trimmed by blunt reality.