preclinical studies

preclinical studies, a term used to describe research done before a clinical study. May be laboratory or epidemiologic research.
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Based in Paris, France, with a presence in the United States, Notocord provides software solutions for data acquisition and analysis in preclinical studies and is particularly focused on the cardiovascular, respiratory, electrophysiology and nervous system research areas.
In preclinical studies, Biolex has shown that BLX-883 is comparable to commercially available alfa interferon and that it can be produced cost-effectively using Biolex' proprietary LEX System in the company's cGMP manufacturing facilities.
Preclinical studies have shown that using PG490-88Na can significantly inhibit growth of a broad range of human tumor cells.
Vibriolysin Topical has displayed promising efficacy in numerous preclinical studies related to the debridement (cleaning) of dead tissue resulting from serious burns.