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A multinational trial which examined the efficacy of early treatment with glatiramer vs. placebo in delaying the progression to clinically definite MS among patients with clinically isolated syndromes, a first event suggestive of MS
Conclusion Treatment reduced the risk of developing clinically definite MS by 45% vs. placebo: the 25th percentile time to clinically definite MS was prolonged by 115%, to 722 days, with treatment from 336 days for placebo
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To assess the performance of these methods, 6 criteria were used: True positive rate (TP) or CTS detection rate; False positive rate (FP) or false alarm ratio; True negative rate (TN); False negative rate (FN); Accuracy (AC); and Preciseness (PR).
Medium/ full reds: "room" temperature, 15-18 degrees Please don't lose sleep over the preciseness of this.
But Ergenekon is one of those trials whereby the efficiency and preciseness of the judiciary was to be tested.
The sheer preciseness and creativity enthralled the viewers.
The Phil programmed an Austrian night around the new piece, with Petrenko and orchestra working hard to nail the Germanic preciseness at the heart of the music of Schubert (his 'Unfinished' symphony) and of Mozart, the latter at his insouciantly dazzling zenith at the time he dashed off the Haffner Symphony between other commitments.
Previous attempts to develop such a system lacked preciseness or the ability to deal with changing currents and complex topography, says Pierre Lermusiaux, associate professor of ocean utilization and lead researcher.
Today, the Vienna Stock Exchange publishes 60 indices which are highly popular among international investors because of their quality, state of the art calculation methodology and preciseness.
It should be kept in mind, though, that the OED and the SOED are based on historical principles, which means they are more concerned with the history of usage than with preciseness of definition.
Galaxy Note also features the S Pen, the most advanced pen input technology, featuring an array of leading qualities including pressure sensitivity, preciseness, speed and more.
Sulaiman bin Saud al- Jabri, Wali of Bahla and Head of the Elections Committee in the Wilaya affirmed that preparations for elections have begun since early period through which all procedures were taken into consideration to ease the electoral process, as well as considering preciseness in procedures as per the measures regularizing the process according to the regulations of the Majlis A'Shura elections.