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A multinational trial which examined the efficacy of early treatment with glatiramer vs. placebo in delaying the progression to clinically definite MS among patients with clinically isolated syndromes, a first event suggestive of MS
Conclusion Treatment reduced the risk of developing clinically definite MS by 45% vs. placebo: the 25th percentile time to clinically definite MS was prolonged by 115%, to 722 days, with treatment from 336 days for placebo
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The tehom requires precisely the harbors of meaning.
41 research credit), but is unable to quantify precisely the overpayment amount because of an incomplete research credit study.
But what radical feminism--at times even that which asserts that it is based on Christianity --is not prepared to accept as precisely this: the exemplary, universal, unchangeable relationship between Christ and the Father.
The German automaker must reach that goal, precisely because it is the leader in light truck sales, with 35% of the market.
But if anything, In Lieu of Heaven was better than I anticipated precisely because it was a work of fiction.
5) In fact, an expressed aim of Culture and Imperialism is precisely to highlight the connections between geography and the mechanisms of empire.
This appears to be entirely reasonable and indeed is precisely what historians do; they question one another's hypotheses, methodological assumptions, and interpretive conclusions.
An insurer can design a proprietary fund to precisely fit into an investment style that is needed to fill a client's asset-allocation needs, said Reilly, who in his retirement makes presentations on behalf of the National Association for Variable Annuities.
Suitable equipment needs state-of-art temperature controls to precisely govern sheet-temperature profile, sheet sag material distribution, and registration accuracy.
It can uniformly irradiate test specimens with a high-intensity ultraviolet radiant flux while accurately and precisely controlling this flux, in addition to other weathering elements such as temperature and relative humidity, in order to predict the service life of polymeric materials.
I learned those words as a schoolboy during the Second World War, and they were strengthening words at a time when many Canadians, including some members of our extended family, were doing precisely that.
It is precisely that sort of confidence that is giving JT its current headache.