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A multinational trial which examined the efficacy of early treatment with glatiramer vs. placebo in delaying the progression to clinically definite MS among patients with clinically isolated syndromes, a first event suggestive of MS
Conclusion Treatment reduced the risk of developing clinically definite MS by 45% vs. placebo: the 25th percentile time to clinically definite MS was prolonged by 115%, to 722 days, with treatment from 336 days for placebo
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Precise Biometrics is a supplier of solutions for convenient and secure authentication of people's identity.
According to Precise Biometrics, it is currently projecting that this integration will generate royalty revenues starting from the fourth quarter of 2016.
This is a follow-on order from an existing customer and covers hardware and Precise Match-on-Card licences.
With the StorageCentral SRM solution from Precise, NetApp storage users will be able to better manage and control the content on their storage systems, ensuring effective utilization of the storage resources.
In the early to mid-90s, if we were going to be successful as a pump, valve and flow technology industry supplier, we had to expand our capacity and modernize our facilities," said Tom Melanson, president of Precise Castings.
The agreement includes a per unit license fee, an annual fee for the right to use Precise Biometrics algorithm solution and a fee for support and maintenance.
Digital authentication company Precise Biometrics AB (STO:PREC) announced on Wednesday that its algorithm solution for fingerprint recognition in mobile devices, Precise BioMatch Mobile, has been deployed in a recently launched smartphone from a leading Chinese vendor through cooperation with Silead.
Precise Biometrics AB (STO:PREC), a provider of fingerprint software, announced on Friday that it has entered into a commercial software license and distribution agreement with InvenSense Inc (NYSE: INVN), a provider of MEMS sensor platforms, for the licensing of Precise Biometrics' algorithm solutions for fingerprint recognition, Precise BioMatch Mobile and Precise BioMatch Embedded.
Precise Biometrics (STO:PREC) announced on Thursday the deployment of its algorithm solution for fingerprint recognition in mobile devices, Precise BioMatch Mobile, in a smartphone from a Chinese vendor through cooperation with Synaptics Incorporated (Nasdaq:SYNA).
Under the terms of the agreement, Precise Biometrics' technology will be integrated with the Identity Management Suite from BNX.
An evaluation copy of the Precise application performance tuning suite on a CD-ROM will be included with shipments of HP Performance Advisor XP software.