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Effect of electrode shape on discharge current and performance with barrier discharge type electrostatic precipitator, Journal of Electrostatics 57(3-4): 407-415.
Electrostatic precipitators are industrial emission control units designed for particulate and acid mist removal from industrial exhaust gas streams.
Popa, "Contributions to Improve Performances of Plate-Type Electrostatic Precipitators for Bi-Phase Systems Gas-Solid Particles", Ph.
The program on electrostatic precipitators installation at Ekibastuz GRES-1 will be completed next year.
Pressure drop across the precipitator chamber is measured as the difference of the total head at the duct sections near the precipitator inlet and precipitator outlet.
Hence, one is obtained the average velocity at the inlet of precipitator of 13.
except high purification efficiency, the electrostatic precipitators are not selective in respect to the spherical particles.
can be as much as 10 times smaller than existing filters, thanks to precollecting dust with the precipitators and a "blow-back" system that periodically forces air backward through the filters to clean them.
The completed projects include a new $5-million electrostatic precipitator at the Kenora newsprint mill to reduce ash emissions and a $7.
That process seems to occur most readily after the fly ash has cooled to about 300|C, often in a pollution control device such as an electrostatic precipitator.
China Row World Fabric Filter $300 $700 $800 $1,800 Electrostatic Precipitator $5 $40 $60 $105SCR SNCR $50 $0 $70 $120 Scrubber $200 $50 $100 $350 Thermal Oxidizer $100 $0 $50 $150 Total $685 $810 $1,130 $2,625