precipitation test

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the act or process of precipitating.
precipitation test precipitin test.
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pre·cip·i·tin test

an in vitro test in which antigen is in soluble form and precipitates when it combines with added specific antibody in the presence of an electrolyte.
See also: gel diffusion precipitin tests, ring precipitin test.
Synonym(s): precipitation test
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precipitation test

A test in which a positive reaction is indicated by formation of a precipitate in the solution being tested.
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Agar gel precipitation test done to detect viral antigen in the bursae of these chicks yielded highly visible and very strong precipitation lines.
The PEG precipitation test was performed on all hyperprolactinemic subjects and also on one hundred randomly selected normoprolactinemic subjects.
The aim of present study was to isolate and identify the IBD virus from field samples by using different techniques, serological method agar gel precipitation test and molecular method using RT-PCR to diagnose IBDV from bursal field samples.
Each serum sample when monitored for anti -HPSV antibodies through agar gel precipitation test, showed undetectable titer.
Results obtained with this new method were compared with those obtained with the PEG precipitation test.
We carried out flame tests and precipitation tests to look for metals and non-metals.
The precipitation tests were performed by drop- wise addition of 1 Mol [L.sup-1] NaOH or MgO (10% by weight) into 100 mL of the leached solution (1N [H.sub.2]S[O.sub.4] at 24[degrees]C).
The precipitation tests indicate that just under 40 percent of autism diagnoses in the three states studied are the result of television watching because of precipitation, while the cable tests indicate that approximately 17 percent of the growth in autism in California and Pennsylvania during the 1970s and 1980s is attributable to the growth of cable television.
In addition, it must be remembered that the reagent strips are most sensitive to the presence of albumin, while SSA and other protein precipitation tests react with any protein that might be present in the urine, such as the light chain immuno-globulins seen in multiple myeloma.