precipitation curve

pre·cip·i·ta·tion curve

a graph of the quantity of precipitate formed as a function of the quantity of antigen added during the titration of an antibody with an antigen.
Synonym(s): Heidelberger curve
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Correlations between the PDO index and Amarillo precipitation were weakly positive, with the highest correlation when the precipitation curve lagged the PDO curve by 2 years (R = 0.
Closer examination of the Amarillo precipitation-PDO reveals that since about 1950, the precipitation curve parallels and lags behind the PDO curve by about 2 years (Fig.
Here, the intersection of the NbC precipitation curve and the x-axis shows the complete dissolution temperature of NbC.
From the above results, it was decided that the NbC precipitation curve calculated from the solubility product by Irvine can be used for precipitation control of Nb.

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