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For precipitation, there was a high similarity between Mohe and Barnaul, although mean temperatures of both stations were very different.
These forests have an elevation range of 2150-2400 m.a.s.l, and receive annual precipitation of 563 mm with an average temperature of -5.2 AdegC (Blyakharchuk et al., 2004; Timoshok et al., 2014).
Therefore, we define [t.sub.0] as the date of the minimum of the first harmonic of the mean annual cycle of precipitation at each grid point.
However, since precipitation is a discrete and highly variable quantity, changes in precipitation intensity during the rainy season can sometimes lead to false demise dates.
The daily mean precipitation for this period was 7.27 mm/d.
The [R.sup.2] for precipitation with northing, easting, slope and wind speed are 0.68, 0.32, 0.08 and 0.42 respectively (Figure S1).
"We were trying to find the physical mechanisms behind why precipitation and runoff extremes are increasing all over the globe," said the study's lead author Jiabo Yin, a visiting student from Wuhan University working in Gentine's group.
Precipitation is governed both by thermodynamics (the relationship of water vapour to temperature) and atmospheric dynamics.
Meanwhile, the precipitation forecast is for equal chances (EC) between above, below, and near-normal precipitation for Illinois.
In consideration of the impact of precipitation on sediment yield in the study area, the rainfall factors selected in this paper included annual precipitation (P) and different classes of precipitation.
In Wanzhou, there is a mild climate with an annual average precipitation amount of ~1200 mm, among which ~70% are concentrated in the period between May and September.
In short solid solution strengthening is a single phase system and precipitation strengthening it has at least two phases, where the precipitate(s) are the reinforcing phase i.e.