precipitated calcium carbonate

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pre·cip·i·tat·ed cal·ci·um car·bon·ate

used as an antacid to manage peptic ulcers and other conditions involving gastric hyperacidity.
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Caption: Figure 11: X-ray diffraction patterns of (a) cockle shell-based calcium carbonate nanoparticles before surface functionalization, (b) surface functionalized cockle shell-based calcium carbonate nanoparticles, and (c) precipitated calcium carbonate.
[5] Park, K.W., Ko, S., Lee, S.W., and Han, C.; Effects of magnesium chloride and organic additives on the synthesis of aragonite precipitated calcium carbonate; Journal of crystal growth 310(2008) 2593-2601.
The company added that Masetti will hold the officer's position as well as a member of its management team, with responsibility for the operation of its 60 precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) plants located on site at paper mills around the world, succeeding its chief operating officer of Specialty Minerals and Minteq Group, D.J.
The combination of MTI and AMCOL will bring together the global leaders in precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) and bentonite, the pair said.
The different types of calcium carbonate-based coating pigments used in this study included coarse- and fine-grade ground calcium carbonate and fine-grade precipitated calcium carbonate with narrow to broad particle size distribution (Table 2), A styrene butadiene-based polymer emulsion ([T.sub.g], 17[degree]C) and a polyacrylate-based dispersing agent were used as binder and dispersant, respectively.
This six-page pamphlet describes this producer of enhanced performance fillers for the precipitated silica and precipitated calcium carbonate markets.
We made two-ply laminates from wet, filler-free hand-sheets with a sparse coating of precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) in the ply-ply interface.
Huber Corp.'s merchant precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) plant in Hermallesous-Huy, Belgium last month.
On March 19, the Belgian chemicals company Solvay agreed to acquire Zeneca Group Plc's Winnofil precipitated calcium carbonate business.
Gaining importance of industrial fillers in petrochemicals and rubber production is expected to augment demand for GCC (ground calcium carbonate) and PCC (precipitated calcium carbonate).
The newly-proposed deal would combine MTI's global position in precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) with AMCOL's expertise in bentonite, a mineral whose properties are applicable to various growing commercial applications ranging from metalcasting to construction and drilling.