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Etymology: L, praecedere, to go before
a previously adjudged decision that serves as an authority in a similar case.


Cardiology A trial–Prospective Randomized Ectopy Evaluation on Dobutamine on Natrecor®–nesiritide Therapy


(pre′sĕ-dĕnt) [L. praecedere, to go before, precede]
In law, an action, ruling, or verdict that may be used as an example to be followed in the future.

Patient discussion about precedent

Q. How to deal with stress before exams? I am a college student and get very stressed out before tests. Are there good methods to relieve stress?

A. Have you tried aromatherapy? the scents of the essential oils can activate the limbic system of your brain, helping to relieve stress and increase alertness before your exams.

This articles recommends a good custom blend of essential oils when using Aromatherapy for Stress:

Q. For those that had an epimacular membrane removed, how long was it before your eye healed? How was your vision afterwards? Do you now require or benefit from glasses?

A. Epimacular membrane removal can be associated with a variety of ocular conditions and therefore the healing process varies tremendously depending on the underlying pathology. Furthermore, this condition may recur.

Q. what genetic exams should i do during and before pregnancy to secure the unborn child?

A. there is a wide variety of pre-gestational genetic testsing that can be done, for several inherited diseases, depending on your origin. You have to consult your gynecologist in order to know exactly what can be tested nowadays and whether or not there is a need.

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Copy-paste precedent" ends up having the influence of precedent without real precedent's authority or scrutiny.
13) The answer depends in part on whether Congress would adopt a theory of originalism that accepts the legitimacy of precedent.
As previously advised the Joint Ownership Agreement ("JOA") executed between the Company's 50% owned subsidiary Kenai Offshore Ventures, LLC ("KOV") and AIDEA contains 15 Conditions Precedent that must be finalised prior to draw down of the AIDEA investment.
Given the fact that precedent emerges out of judicial decisions, they would argue that judicial interpretations of legal issues, applied to judicially ascertained facts of legal disputes, become the source of precedent for later cases of the same facts.
The court noted that in its original opinion, it concluded that the case that had been followed as precedent was inherently flawed because it applied a percentage of the Professional Nursing law, and a percentage governing the specific practice of nursing in the distinct area of expert testimony in a court of law, which is governed by rules of evidence, rules of civil procedure, and common law rules regarding expert witnesses.
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A condition is not only regarded as a condition precedent if the policy clearly describes it as such; it will also be treated as one if the courts are satisfied that both parties had intended it to be one.
Part IV focuses on the role of Supreme Court precedent in district court decision-making.
The new book examines such concepts as reference to arbitral precedents to support a decision, the viability of arbitral precedent, the existence of consistent arbitral case law, and comparison of arbitral and national case law.
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