precancerous lesion

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pre·can·cer·ous le·sion

a noninvasive lesion with a predictable likelihood of becoming malignant; for example, actinic keratosis.
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The substantial efficiency of multitarget sDNA testing over FIT as a screening test for CRC is underscored by the number of individuals who would need to be screened to detect 1 malignancy (166 people with multitarget sDNA testing vs 208 with FIT) and 1 advanced precancerous lesion (31 with multitarget sDNA testing vs 55 with FIT) (FIGURE 2).
According to our research, any precise study which had focused on knowledge, attitude and performance of general dentists toward precancerous lesions was not available.
Their study said how factors that regulate the growth of adult stern cells that repair tissue in the lungs can lead to the formation of precancerous lesions.
14 Because of a high prevalence of oral cancer in developing countries, the focus should be to detect and treat the precancerous lesions in their early stages.
Other studies may be planned out to know about the benefits of regular Pap's smear follow up at younger age group for detection of Precancerous lesions in uterine cervix.
Abnormalities within these exfoliated cells could be used to detect and identify' precancerous lesions or very early stage cancers if highly sensitive technologies were available to identify the presence of a few abnormal cells among millions of normal cells.
Her expectation is that if she has cervical cancer or a significant precancerous lesion, it will detected at that single screening visit rather than by serial testing involving delayed diagnosis with attendant risk of progression.
As a physician who routinely uses the HPV test in conjunction with the Pap test, I can tell you the increased sensitivity of the combined tests is a definite clinical improvement, reassuring me that I am not missing a precancerous lesion.
While it can contribute to the growth of one type of precancerous lesion in the breast, this protein also appears to protects mammary cells from carcinogenic exposure," says Miermont.
Pulmonologist Stephen Lam of the British Columbia Cancer Agency in Vancouver and his colleagues used a flexible, lighted scope to examine lung tissue and procure a sample of one precancerous lesion from each of 101 current and past smokers around age 40.